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Model 58 STORAGEMASTER® HD Rolling Work Bench

Dimensions: H:37 3/8 W: 26 L: 54 1/4
Weight (lbs.): 591

  • Load Capacity 2,650 lbs.
  • Includes 6" caster set (2 swivel & 2 rigid)
  • Includes One-half width welded 12-gauge steel shelf on left-side of unit
  • Designed to be the ultimate in heavy duty in our line of Rolling Work Benches, with 7 gauge steel worktop and cabinet bottom for extreme shop or jobsite conditions.
  • WATCHMAN® IV Lock System saves you time and money with a one-time install and two-point latching on each door provides extra security
  • Recessed lock housing to prevent theft from bolt-cutters, pry bars and hack saws.
  • Item #: KNA58


Price: $2,612.71
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