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Auto Ranging Multimeter

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Product Features
User-friendly three button design to measure continuity, resistance and voltage.
Voltage automatically detects AC or DC -- Measures up to 750V.
Includes both visual and audible continuity indicators up to 25Ω.
Resistance range: 4000Ω.
Auto-Hold captures the first stable displayed value.
Auto ranging
4000 count LCD display.
Self storing leads perfectly spaced for easy measurements of tamperproof outlets.
Other features include bright display / back light, low battery indicator and auto power off.
Battery door with captive screws for easy battery replacement.
Test leads and batteries included.
IP 67: Dust and water proof.
9.8 feet / 3 meter drop protection.
CAT IV safety rating for 600V.
CAT III safety rating for 750V.
For more ''tough meter'' details, visit:
Replacement Test Lead Sets (Cat. No. 69410 or 69416)
Optional Accessories:
Replacement Test Lead Sets (Cat. No. 69410 or 69416)
Tradesman Pro Carrying Cases: small, medium, large (Cat. No. 69406, 69407, 69408)
  • Item #: KLEMM500


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