Klein 3214 SPUD WRENCH 1-5/8"
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4" Midget Long-Nose Pliers - Slim Nose
  • Custom US-made tool steel.
  • Hot-riveted joint ensures smooth action and no handle wobble.
  • Slim head design for working in confined areas.
  • Plastic-dipped handles* for comfort and ease of identification.
  • *Journeyman pliers available for some styles. State-of-the-art, dual-material handles, which provide a better grip without sacrificing tool strength or durability.
  • Lightweight, slim-nose pliers for precision subminiature assembly work.
  • Knurled jaws for sure wrapping and looping.
  • Curved handles provide greater tool control


  • Item #: KLE3214

Klein 3214 SPUD WRENCH 1-5/8"

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