Krylon S01150 Tough Coat Acrylic Alkyd Enamels
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KRYLON #2110 Hot Pink 1991 litho flatball stripebottom spray paint can by Sherwin Williams. KRYLON CLASSIC COLOR
FULLNESS: Full GRADE: Grade 1 +
Here's one of Krylon's best loved colors, Hot Pink. Released in 1969 (in cans dated 1968) as a fashionable color, this lasted into the 1990s before Sherwin Williams discontinued it. This is a 1991, which still boasted the Good Housekeeping seal.
This can is carefully graded according to the new CapMatchesColor(dot)com grading scale. The scale is included below. This can roughly meets a grade 1+ and is a can with a few minor flaws. This can shows very minor shelfwear, mostly in a small dark mark on the top neck/rim and a bit of rubwear to the Hot Pink label, likely from the can manufacturing process. No visible nicks or dents in the can, very minor blue litho ink line just under top neck, but hard to spot. Very nice can from the end of Hot Pink's run, the barcode label being in front makes displaying this can even nicer.
Shipping is $10.00 for GROUND SHIPMENT ONLY. No shipping outside the United States. Cans are shipped safely with bubblewrap and bagged securely inside boxes of adequate size to protect the can.
This auction is for ONE CAN of spray paint. This is collector spray paint and is not guaranteed to function as if it were a new store-bought can. This seller cannot test any spray paint nor make any assurances on the paint were it to be used. It is being sold as a collectible first and foremost.


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Krylon S01150 Tough Coat Acrylic Alkyd Enamels

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