PROTO J266XL - Proto Steel C-Clamp - 11-1/5"
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Features and Benefits
  • High corrosion resistant finish with welding spatter resistance.
  • Locking mechanism helps leave both hands free when clamping, helping to eliminate squeezing action and general hand fatigue when manipulating. Also helps to save time in repetitive jobs.
  • Tip of release lever projects at end of handle for a safe, quick, no-pinch, powerful release especially when tools are firmly locked.
  • Spring loaded release lever is out of the way when handling.
  • Holes in mobile jaw are drilled and not press punched to ensure they are cylindrical to ensure maximum bearing with rivets. (Punched holes tend give poor bearing.)
  • Large diameter of rivets to help permit secure joints adding to the durability and robustness of the tools.
  • Piano wire spring for smooth and efficient jaw opening.
  • Jaw Opening: 3-15/16"
  • Jaw Height: 4-11/64"
  • Wide and deep jaw profile to help clear obstacles and firmly clamp sections which locking pliers can not.
  • Clamp in close quarters for auto body work and welding shops.
Product Details  
Weight 1.96 lbs, 0.89 kilos
Jaw Width 15/32"
Overall Length 11-1/5"
Throat Depth 3-45/64"


  • Item #: PRO266XL

PROTO J266XL - Proto Steel C-Clamp - 11-1/5"

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