Permatex Ultra Black RTV Silicone 82180
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DX Engineering Approved RTV Sealant
By Permatex

We have all used RTV to seal water out of things, right?

Have you ever sealed a piece of electronic gear with it -- then opened it some time later to find that it had still managed to become corroded inside?

Guess what? It's not the rain that corroded it - It's the RTV! 

Normal RTV gives off acetic acid when it cures. That's the vinegar smell. 
The acetic acid causes the corrosion.

DX Engineering has located a Neutral Cure RTV made right here in Ohio that is non-corrosive and is safe for sealing those baluns and other electronic gear that are going to be out in the weather. 

Applies just like "normal" RTV, dries in one hour and cures in 24 hours at 70 degrees F.

And it doesn't smell like vinegar! 

Permatex Ultra Black RTV silicone adhesive is designed to provide a waterproof, flexible, weather-resistant seal around metal, glass, rubber, and more. It's made to withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees F.


  • Item #: PER82180

Permatex Ultra Black RTV Silicone 82180

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